The Translation process itself is

diverse, so the patient will be

informed with visual illustration, on

his health condition.

Each report will be accurate studied

in advance.



If the patient then on site, he will

integrated into the same processes and

provides information on all events,

(installation, operation, treatment

plans, investigations and tests results,




The spectrum of our activities:

-High-quality translation.
-Organisation of stay.
-Coordination of appointments and
-treatment plans.
-Visa Applications.
-Facilitate and simplify procedures in the clinic.



We Work with highly qualified interpreters, which, whether in German or Arabic, excellently articulate also they are familiar in the field of medicine.

We also act as cultural mediators, for a harmonious coexistence in the clinic.


Our company FHS, the Foreign Health Services is to support the arab patients in German hospitals and acts as an intermediary between doctor and patient or patient and hospital. As our Company slogan, "Your Health is our happieness" suggests, the health of each patient is at the forefront of our activities.


We always work out specifically to investigate the needs of our patients and at the same time determine the cooperating clinics pleased to secure ultimately an organized together. Ideally, we adopt our patients in a

state of good health.



"Our patients should be able to concentrate on the essentials, namely their health."


Charara Ali,

Business owner




medizinische Begutachtung

Dr. med. Oussama Charara

Leitender Oberarzt 

FHS-Medizinische Diagnostik

Prof. DR  Woiciechowsky  Neurochirurgie & Rücken- und Sportmedizin




Herr Charara ALI


Kontakt: +491 (51) 45566777

FHS ist, wenn die Gesundheit auf Professionalität trifft. An erster Stelle zählt für uns die Seele, die sich hinter der Krankheit verbirgt.



Nazar Al-Saedi


Region: Irak & Kuwait

Kontakt: +964 772 270 6715

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